What Others Say

  • Eyal Briton
    19 July 2012

    Hi there,
    I own a FujiFilm X100 :) and I am proud of it !
    I was wondering if you ever going to make a telephoto-zoom lens for it? Are there any third party that makes telephoto that will match / work with my X100 ?

  • Stefan Van Praet
    11 July 2012

    Excellent tool, don't let it fade away Fuji, regular upgrades of the
    X100 software as we have seen till now can make this one last
    for many years to come! Just love it!

  • Alessandro Romey
    16 June 2012

    Welcome to my new/old X100. Great machine.

  • Mark Loader
    13 June 2012

    I had long given up on ever owning a rangefinder style camera until now. Having seen the X100 announcement I was sceptical that Fuji could make a camera that performed as beautifully as it looked. Even the early enthusiastic reviews didn't convince me fully, but now as an owner I have become a believer. It's awesome and I can't wait to see where Fuji take the X-Series.

  • Hans van den Broek
    11 June 2012

    Just back from 4 days away on the motorbike .. My brand-new X100 Black with me... excellent camera, fine lens, some awesome functions like panorama....
    Cost less than a 35mm/2.0 Summicron for my M9...

  • Romir Aglugub
    10 June 2012

    Amazing images! I love it, and won't leave home without it. Thanks Fuji.

  • Paul Kelly
    9 June 2012

    The Fuji X series is the logical progression from a DSLR.

  • Dean Robert Noble
    9 June 2012

    Absolutely love the X100. Fixed lens is somehow liberating.
    Great photos, classic styling and so easy to carry with you!!!

  • Vladimir Rys
    30 May 2012

    Dear all,
    I have used my Fuji X100 for a story about the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix last week in Monte Carlo and I am very happy with the result.
    You can see the full story here: http://www.vladimirrys.com/formula_one/2012/monaco_b&w/#Monaco-SF-01
    Thank you for creating such great cameras allowing us...

  • Nate Bartnick
    30 May 2012

    This camera is not only good for street photography. It is wonderful to use when hiking and backpacking. It takes amazing pictures. I wish that there was a zoom lens to attach to the camera and that there was a 4:3 photo size. The 3:2 is long for a portrait. I love the latest firmware update also wish that all the buttons could be programmed like the raw button.