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David Airob

David Airob (Barcelona, 1967) took his first steps in the world of photojournalism when he was 17, contributing to various sports publications. At the end of 1989, he began contributing to Barcelona’s “La Vanguardia”, joining its staff of photographers a few months later. Since then, this daily newspaper has been the sole focus of his professional activity, covering all types of news stories.

For the last three years, he has served as Chief Photo Editor. In addition to his work at La Vanguardia, he has carried out several more personal photography projects, which have earned him different awards. He has published reports in magazines such as Paris-Match and Time-Life. He is also the co-founder of the Barcelona Documentary Photography Centre.

Taking the X100 to the limit

The work Fuji did with regard to digital noise is simply spectacular, reaching quality levels that make it possible to confront low-light situations with high ISO sensitivity settings and to obtain brilliant results, as seen in the picture opposite.

Correfoc is held on the last night of the Fiestas de Gracia, when groups of demons chase people around, throwing firecrackers at them. This was a fantastic opportunity to test the X100’s performance in a situation that is not at all favourable for it, where there is hardly any light and everything happens at high speed.

It was practically a suicide test, almost impossible; but I wanted to test the limits of this camera. The results were surprising; we can see a sample picture directly below, where the dim light and very fast action are impeccably dealt with thanks to its focusing precision.

View image and EXIF data

View image and EXIF data

View image and EXIF data

“A faithful companion for those times when we enjoy creating light-based images.”

Ever since, for professional reasons, I had to give up my analogue equipment and make the leap into the digital world, I’ve yet to find a camera that would give me the same feeling I’ve rediscovered with the X100.

Once again, I feel like I have a camera that encourages peaceful, observant strolls. A faithful companion for those times when we enjoy creating light-based images.

Years ago, Sergio Larraín, photographer for the Mágnum Agency, wrote to his nephew saying: “Never force the shot when taking pictures, because you lose the magic.”

Master Larraín was so right when he referred to the conditions necessary for making the most, photographically speaking, of our walks and trips, and even more so if we’re accompanied by a camera like the X-100 that lets our creativity run free.

I anticipate spending many hours with it, based on the total confidence provided by the results obtained, many of them astonishing, on all levels.

In the professional world, where demands in terms of picture quality are high, the X100 does not find itself in unknown territory. It is our own actions and knowledge that set the limits for a camera that has marked a before and after in digital photography.