Awards and Reviews

  • 2011-2012 Camera Magazine Imaging Awards - Enthusiast

    What can we say? The FinePix X100 was the camera story of 2011, making a profound impact on the market far beyond what even Fujifilm could have envisaged. And this impact will be ongoing because, make no mistake, every other camera maker has sat up and taken notice of the X100... meticulously dissecting it to find out exactly what has made it such a hit.

    We can give them one clue... it looks, feels and works like a real camera. In other words, it’s innately intuitive at every level and, consequently, triggers instinctive responses in photographers.

  • Photo Review Australia Editor's Choice Award

    Designed for serious photographers wanting a compact back-up camera for street or travel photography, the X100 features a 12.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, a non-interchangeable Fujinon 23mm f/2 prime lens and a new Hybrid Viewfinder that combines the best features of optical and electronic viewing systems.

  • DL Awards 2012 – Best Prosumer Compact Camera (Editor’s Choice)

    The Straits Times has launched the Digital Life Awards. Digital Life is Singapore's leading technology newspaper distributed with The Straits Times every Wednesday. The awards covered 5 main categories, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras and games. These are further broken down into a total of 17 sub-categories, such as Best DSLR Camera, Best Mirrorless Camera.

    There are both Editors’ Choice as well as Consumers’ Choice, where consumers can go to a website link to cast their vote.

    Fujifilm X100 garnered the award of Best Prosumer Compact Camera under the Editors’ Choice.

  • Stuff Gadget of the Year 2011

    Stuff is the name of a gadget lifestyle magazine, targeted at predominantly male audience. It has been locally published in Singapore since 2004.

    This is the first time that Stuff implemented ‘Gadgets of the Year Awards’. They selected 16 best gadgets of 2011. Fujifilm X100 was selected as 1 of the gadget.

    Carefully selected by the Stuff editorial team, each winner was chosen based on their outstanding levels of quality, innovation, practicality, user experience, design and affordability.

  • IF Product Design Award 2012
  • Good Design Award 2011
  • Popular Photography "POP AWARD 2011" for Best Gear of the Year

    Best for the Stylish.

    Quirks, it has a few, but then again, you need only pick up this jewel-like camera to overlook them. Designed like a classic rangefinder (and you know which one), the X100 has two viewfinders in one: a crystal-clear optical bright-frame finder that can switch in a wink to a fine-grain electronic viewfinder that provides 100-percent framing accuracy at any distance. The fixed 23mm f/2 (35mm equivalent) lens, with an aspheric element plus high-refractive-index glass, showed virtually no light falloff and without a doubt contributed to the camera’s fine showing in our resolution tests. Overall, it earned an Extremely High image quality rating. About those quirks: Too many controls are lost in menus, and the camera will capture only JPEGS (not RAW) at ISO 100 and 12,800 (huh?). But it’s so pretty... ($1,200, Street)

  • EISA - European Advanced Compact Camera 2011-2012

    Commenting about the award, EISA jury said: "The Fujifilm FinePix X100 advanced compact camera introduces an innovative new hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder, and is a very high-quality camera designed to be portable and always ready. The camera is ruggedly built, has a very sharp 23mm* F2.0 moderate wide angle lens that offers selective focus, and its APS-C CMOS sensor offers high image quality even under low-light conditions. As a near-silent camera with excellent manual and automatic shooting modes, the FinePix X100 stands out as a serious alternative to a compact system camera or a travel camera for the enthusiast and professional photographer." * Equivalent on a 35mm camera: 35 mm

  • Practical Photoshop - August 2011

    "A well crafted camera with good functionality and excellent image quality...It's design is charming, but it's the core feature set which attracts most interest..."

  • Amateur Photographer - 23rd July 2011

    Street Cameras - FinePix X100 vs Leica X1

    "The cameras may have similar image quality, but the better handling, excellent hybrid viewfinder and superior screen give the X100 an advantage, not to mention the fact that it is around £400 cheaper"

    "They both represent the pinnacle of what a high-end compact camera can do, with image quality that few DSLRs of a similar pixel count can match."