Your Questions Answered

  • How big is the X100?
    The camera measures approx 74.4 x 126.5 x 53.9mm (H x W x D).
    Click here to see a shot of the camera in use to give a clearer idea of the X100's size.
  • Will 'Made in Japan' remain on the back of the camera or be moved to the base?
    It will remain designed on the back of the camera.
  • Will the X100 be available in black?
    No concrete plan is currently in place to produce a black model, but Fujifilm are aware that a large number of people have requested this option.
  • What power source does the X100 use?
    It uses the NP-95 Lithium-ion rechargeable cell. This battery is also compatible with a number of other FinePix models including the Real 3D W1.
  • Does the X100 have a leather finish or a leather-like finish?
    It is a leather-like finish as this is more practical and hard-wearing than leather.