What's New

We wanted to keep you all as up to date as possible on the latest news on the X100. We've received a fantastic response to the product announcement and have had many questions put to us which we will be responding to in this section of the site.

Focusing details revealed

The X100 offers three focusing options, selected by a switch on the left hand side of the body (see image). There are two autofocusing modes: AF-S and AF-C. AF-S is a single shot autofocus mode that's best for static subjects, whereas AF-C is a continuous autofocusing mode that's best for capturing moving objects. Actual focusing speeds are to be confirmed.

With manual focus selected, focusing is achieved using the focus ring around the lens barrel. A distance indication bar enables you to pre-focus if required, or you can simply use the electronic viewfinder to focus accurately. There is, however, no rangefinder focusing capability.